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Legacy Nursing Services 

Some of the Services we provide:
  • Medical Care

  • Rehabilitation Care and Assistance

  • Counseling and Health Education

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures Education and assistance

  • Case Management Service

  • Skilled Nursing Care

  • Home Health Aide Care

  • Environmental Assessment Services

  • Spiritual Care

  • Community Resource Assistance

  • End of Life/Respite and Bereavement Care

  • First Aid/CPR Training

  • Ancillary Supports Coordination

  • Palliative Care

  • Medication Review

  • Advocacy Services

  • Composition of Well Written Assessment Notes

 Programs We Serve
  • General Home  Health Care- Private Insurance and Private Pay

  • Uranium Mining, Milling and Transport- EEOICPA and RECA Medical Benefits

  • Nuclear Weapons Plant Employment-EEOICPA Medical Coverage and Benefits

  • Workers Compensation

Our Commitment To You 


Person Centered Approach

You will always receive services from an experienced LNS Nursing and/or Home Health Aide Staff member who work closely with the patient's Primary Care Physician, the Department of Labor and the Family, to create a Plan of Care suited to his/her medical needs. This approach optimizes the patients level of heath, ensures continuum of care and allows the patient to remain in the comfort of his/her home.

What In Home Care Can Do For You

   Home Health Aide (HHA) Care Service

  • Help with Tasks of Daily Living- ADL's or IADL's (Activities of Daily Living or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) - Bathing, Grooming, Hygiene, Mobility Assistance, Transferring and Positioning, Toileting and Incontinence Care, Meal Prep, Feeding and Special Diet, Laundry, Light Housekeeping, Grocery Shopping, Errands, Travel with Care/Incidental Transportation.

    Clinical (Nursing) Care

  • Coordination of Continuum of care of Medical Needs- Provide on-going Professional, Skilled assessments of health care status, Provide Professional Communication to the Physician, Pharmacy or Ancillary Service Provider to ensure coordination of care, Daily Activities Ability Assessment based on body blood oxygenation levels, Medication Review and Preventative Adverse Drug Reaction Detection, Early Detection of Acute Lung Illness through Pulmonary Monitoring, Respite Care Coordination, Consequential Diagnosis Awareness and Detection, Community Resources Coordination, Advocacy, Education and Training, 24/7 On Call Availability, Organization and Provision of In Home Care Services.

 At Legacy Nursing Services our clinical team understands that each client has unique care needs. Our team works hard to focus on the Health Care that's best for you. The extent of services we can and will provide can not all be listed on this web page, there are many more items of service we can incorporate to meet the varying needs of our clients.  


Please give us a call to see how we can help you!  


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